Glastonbury Festival


Neuron provides multiple stages of production to one of the World's greatest shows...

The Temple Stage in The Common, one of the infamous south-east corner’s most visually spectacular venues, approached Neuron to design and commission a multiple-point sonic spectacular experience.

Production manager Steve Bedlam was keen to avoid moving toward a traditional left and right hang of line array, as well as keeping performers on the floor amongst the crowd. With a real old-school club feel where dancers faced each other instead of the more common theme of DJ worship on a large stage platform. Not only this, but the Glastonbury site is notoriously large both in scale and number of sound sources, whilst being nearby to a picturesque historic village, so noise control was also an essential part of the overall design brief.

A vibrant outdoor music festival in full swing, with a large crowd soaking up the dynamic atmosphere and the expert festival audio production under a picturesque sky.
Neuron provide audio to Stagecore Productions for some of our stages at Glastonbury Festival, most notably The Temple and The Rum Shack. Each year they continue to blow us away with their state of the art kit and professional attitude. The Danley systems they deploy are well designed and well-engineered. I highly recommend the Neuron Team and will continue to seek their support in the future. Bertie Hunter - Senior Production Manager

Following predictive simulations, using the manufacturer provided Direct software, and a half scale demonstration at a Bristol location of the system’s capabilities and clarity, the Temple stage in 2017 featured a world first four-point Danley Jericho system tuned as a modern update of the legendary dance clubs of the 80s and 90s. With OS80 balcony fills and SH96 front fills. Supported by no less than 22x 18” Tapped Horn subwoofers on the bottom end, in a combined three position end fire and CSA gradient array, the system lived up to its marketing of keeping the sound pressure levels high. With immense dynamic range and peak capability with remarkably consistent tonality across the entire 45m x 45m area, whilst being almost inaudible off site at the noise sensitive properties as well as on other stages.

Combined with incredibly detailed 3D projection mapping, lighting, lasers and pyrotechnics, this stage was deservedly popular from the outset, achieving capacity in just 30 seconds from it’s initial opening.

Since Neuron’s first year on site, we have continued to develop our relationship with the festival, expanding into new stages year-on-year.

A vibrant outdoor music festival scene at dusk, featuring a large, illuminated stage with an extravagant alien-themed design and state-of-the-art festival audio production, surrounded by an energetic crowd of festival-goers immersed