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Temporary Event Power

Every event needs electricity. Whether it’s for site lighting during a new build, sound systems to amplify your brand, point-of-sale tills at a bar, epic video screens or a backup power supply, we’ve got you covered.

If your event is temporary, or in an outdoor location, you need a safe, reliable power distribution for all these items. Rather than daisy-chaining extension cables, we provide safe, reliable and scaleable site power to ensure that you can enjoy your event with zero concerns about drops or outages.

Every location is different, so we don’t do one-size-fits-all. Each job gets our full attention, with a custom specification and design to ensure that we put power where you need it, safely and conveniently.

We conduct a site survey before commissioning any equipment, either in person or virtually, to ensure we provide the most efficient and cost-effective temporary power distribution across your entire site.

Every installation is fully certified to BS7909 temporary site power requirements, ensuring verifiably safe operation.

We work closely with your team to ensure that our project is delivered on budget and on time. All of our temporary installations are backed up by a 24-hour support helpline so you always have peace of mind.

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How much power do I need for my event?

This depends on how much equipment you have and any other services on your event site that need power. We can talk you through the process as we design power systems for you.

Can you supply power for international artists?

Not a problem, much of the world runs on 240 volts but some areas such as the USA and Japan run on 110 volt power networks. This can be stepped up or stepped down using transformers from a small stage supply up to full arena scale power.

Can you help me light my whole site?

Certainly! Adding festoon lighting or outdoor wash and moving lights for safety reasons or added atmosphere is one of our specialities.