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Digital Signage Installation

Digital signage installation is a great way to share information and engage with your customers.

You’re limited only by your imagination – stream video, create message crawls, display alerts & bulletins, show menus, list upcoming events or promote the special deal of the moment. Or, display art and inspirational quotes – evoke emotions and invite discussions.

Content can be quickly updated from remote locations, keeping multiple sites in sync with your overall marketing message and brand image.

What is digital signage?

Put simply, digital signage refers to any kind of electronic display that shows information, advertising and other messages. Whether it’s an LED screen, plasma display or projector, you can choose from any size image – from a discreet wall-mounted panel showing the availability of a meeting room or private space, all the way up to billboard-scale hoardings.

Such revolutionary technology is equally at home in shops, hotels, restaurants, mass-transport stations, apartment buildings, and estate agent windows.

We make it easy

Neuron pride ourselves on making the impossible seem effortless.

Worried about generating great content? Let us handle the art as well as the science, with monthly meetings to ensure your next great marketing idea is executed flawlessly.

What about the running costs? Our dedication to sustainability ensures we only provide the most energy-efficient screens. Digital signage installation also dramatically cuts down on printing costs, producing less physical waste and reducing shipping and transit fees.

With dedicated boxes handling your content, our in-house graphic design services, and 24/7 on-call technical support, even complex systems work seamlessly.

Digital signage at Second City bar

New metrics for data-driven results

Digital signage isn’t just a passive experience. Integrating cameras, augmented reality, speech synthesis and body tracking systems allows you to actively engage with your customers through new and exciting digital activities.

Have spare time in your content cycle? Offer advertising space to your partners, or promote products from sister companies. Provide a one-stop location for interaction, and gather feedback directly from visitors through simple, easy-to-use touchscreen questionnaires.

Heatmap data from physical interaction can also be used to tweak your marketing materials, ensuring you get the results you deserve.

Make your space COVID Safe

Digital signage also offers a simple way to keep your customers feeling comfortable in otherwise difficult situations. Remote management enables you to keep in step with the latest health and safety policies, with instant updates of static or animated content.

Each screen can easily display convenient & clear information about your sanitisation policy, reassure visitors that you have track & trace implemented and ensure that social distancing is maintained across your premises.

Sound good?

Get in touch with our team today for a hassle-free, no-obligation chat to see how we can transform your location with this simple, modern approach to sustainable content.

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Sounds very techy, is it hard to manage?

We can manage everything for you remotely, uploading new content and scheduling as regularly as you need.

Do I need to be a graphic designer?

Not at all, we can support with all your content design to ensure it fits your brand guidelines and messaging.

What are the benefits?

Digital signage installation is a great way to create attention-grabbing dynamic displays that help boost sales. It gives you endless flexibility to support promotions and push specific products and brands, and can even help you generate advertising revenue with partnerships.