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Event Planning & Advancing Services

Production managers, stage managers and artist liaisons truly are the unsung heroes of the events industry, but their influence in the planning and execution of a successful event should never be overlooked. 

Advancing a show refers to all of the preparations that need to be made in advance of an event taking place. This could be talking to your artists or their management team to gather their hospitality or technical riders making sure they have everything they need for a great performance on the day, to planning build schedules, managing suppliers, booking arrival times, soundchecks, stage changeovers, catering, and additional site crew requirements. Basically they make sure that everything is well thought out, taken care of and runs like clockwork so you have more time to enjoy your event. 

Our team of experienced industry professionals have worked on some of the biggest stages and productions in the world and are always happy to take a call or meet for a coffee to advise on your event planning and advancing requirements.

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What roles are involved?

Depending on the size and complexity of your show it can go from one of our project managers production managing your show up to including stage management and artist liaison teams to cover all of the details and ensure your show runs seamlessly.

How many people do I need on my team?

We always recommend having a single point of contact on our side who has the overall picture and can provide you with a personal service. We then bring in our team as required to bring your event to life.

Can you do my site plan?

We can support with planning your site for licensing requirements and are happy to interface with local authorities and any other contractors to get the best result.