The Manc have always prided themselves on being the people’s voice of Greater Manchester.
For two years, The Manc has been both the region’s mouthpiece and info desk – providing a local media platform for Mancunians that covers the biggest stories in the region. We were delighted when they got in touch to enquire about recording their new weekly podcast in our studio.

The Neuron Studio subsequently became the weekly podcast setting, which sees a round table style discussion inviting guests from all corners of Manchester for plenty of chat, laughs, and banter with Joe, Tim, and Steph. Guests include Mayor of Manchester Andy Burnham, Manchester Night Tsar Sacha Lord, Tom Malone Jr of Gogglebox and Scott Thomas of Coronation St.

Every week, the show covers all things Manchester – dissecting and discussing the region’s news, food & drink, sport, and music scenes… and we’ll have a laugh whilst we do it.

The Manc Podcast can be streamed on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music and if, like us, you’re Mancunian, it’s a must-watch!

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