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Why choose Neuron for PA System Hire?

Quality audio hire is essential to any production. Our huge inventory of cutting-edge audio hire equipment includes PA systems, live production packages and DJ equipment. From theatre to conferences and festival productions, our team of in-house experts can deliver immersive, high-fidelity audio.

Our sound system hire services gives you access to crystal clear audio quality and a cutting-edge inventory of high-quality sound systems. Working with us means you get sustainable audio technology at your fingertips for sound that moves in all the right directions and keeps people tuned in. As experienced audiophiles, our engineers have worked on many of the world’s best known events, with some of the best audio equipment money can buy. Whether it’s the latest technology PA system hire or DJ equipment hire and live production packages, our audio design philosophy means you get the purest audio clarity from your audio hire service – tailored to your event.

Sound System Hire

Our PA systems provide exceptional audio for events of up to 50,000 people. We deploy some of the world’s leading PA system manufacturers, such as Martin Audio, L-Acoustics and Danley Sound Labs. We believe in the ethos of using the right tool for the job, and will always provide guidance on what type of sound system is right for the event space, whether it’s a line array, point source, etc. Our diverse range of sound system stock means you can expect your sound to be powerfully and evenly dispersed with crystal clear clarity. Our system techs and sound engineers will expertly tune the PA system to meet your events needs.

Audio System Design

Our approach to audio design means you get deeply immersive, high-fidelity audio. Our audio system designers support you to ensure your audio content covers your unique event space, offering you powerful and well-distributed sound system hire with great sightlines. Our expertise in creating acoustic simulations using software such as EASE or L-Acoustics Soundvision makes sure your sound is delivered to all the right places, minimising spill and achieving low off-site noise levels, all before we get on site.

Mixing Console Hire

When it comes to professional digital mixing console hire, our team has you covered. Our wide selection of mixing desks, outboard equipment and line systems ensures we can build the right control package for your event. Whether you need a simple 16 channel mixing desk or a concert touring capable FOH and monitor pair of mixing consoles with split system, we’ve got you covered. We have some of the leading mixing console brands available, such as Allen & Heath, Yamaha and Digico, with the ability to cater for many different requirements. For crisp digital audio, our audio systems use Dante I/O infrastructure, this ensures a low signal to noise ratio and easy audio distribution.

Wireless Mic & IEM Hire

We provide you with state of the art kit from brands such as Sennheiser, DPA and Shure, including a first-class inventory of microphones and in-ear-monitors, ensuring quality audio input and reducing on stage volume. Our sound engineers ensure that our wireless kit is pre-programmed to the correct frequencies and appropriately PMSE licensed and tested before dispatch. When the event calls for it, we have a range of digital wireless equipment that we can supply. Our wireless mic & IEM hire services offer you ultimate clarity, working seamlessly with other event technology, to guarantee optimum sound system performance.

DJ Equipment Hire

Our DJ equipment hire services gives you full access to the latest industry standard technology and some of the more niche DJ equipment, depending on the artist’s requirements. We have the expertise and stock volume to supply multiple stages on festival sites and cater for the changing technical rider requirements. Our DJ equipment rental provides you with a dynamic selection of components from CDJ players to vinyl decks, DJ mixers and effects from some of the world’s leading brands like Pioneer, Allen & Heath, Rane and Technics. Our sound engineers have the knowledge and experience to ensure your DJ equipment hire provides the best possible experience for the artist.

Backline Hire

Our live production and backline hire services provide you with the industry standard brands and models of high quality instruments and equipment. Whether it’s a Yamaha drum kit, an Ampeg bass amp & cab or Nord keyboard, our team of engineers will make sure the artist’s technical needs are well catered for. Does your artist require something more specialist? With our years of experience working with touring artists, we have the knowledge and network to find it for you

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We supply and use the best audio technology on the market to deliver the best possible experience. Here’s a selection of some renowned brands we proudly work with.

PA System Hire for every event

Our audio hire services are set up so you never have to compromise on the quality of your sound again. Our team of skilled engineers and technicians will help you push sonic boundaries for your live productions. We work with the latest audio systems and help to ensure your sound is clean, energy efficient and sustainable.

Our Audio hire work

We Out Here Festival

Gilles Peterson and NVS were seeking something special in terms of sound for their inaugural event at the site previously used for Secret Garden Party. The system designs needed to reflect their eclectic but carefully curated line-up, and ensure that the local residents would not be disturbed.

ITM Power Conference

Delivering 360° event production for the Science & Innovation day conference in ITM Power’s Sheffield gigafactory.

Teletech Festival - Event Production

Complete technical production for 8,000 capacity Manchester festival at BEC Arena.

Beyond the Music 2023 - Music Conference

Full technical production for inaugural event held at the Midland Hotel and Manchester Central.

Gladys Knight at the Apollo

Technical production for the legendary soul artist on the Manchester leg of her farewell tour.

Outlook & Dimensions Festival

High-end audio production and site-wide backline for multiple stages in a demanding environment overseas

Glastonbury Festival

Neuron provides multiple stages of production to one of the World's greatest shows...

Our audio technology partners

A selection of manufacturers that we use to ensure audio excellence at your event.


Danley Sound Labs, Inc build loudspeakers which are unique and deliver a clear, pure, natural and uncoloured sound at the audience’s seats, using fewer cabinets, fewer channels of amplification and less mains power than the competition.

Backline refers to all of the equipment that bands plug in on stage to perform such as drums, guitars, instrument amplifiers and DJ equipment.

The answer to this question is often, it depends. Thankfully our stock of Danley Sound Labs equipment is at home whatever the source material. With some rival products being much more suited to one or the other. Depending on the mix of content we can always design the ideal system for all the requirements

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