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Why Neuron for event pre-production?

Imagine being able to take a peek at how your event will look and sound before you even set foot on the event location. That’s where Neuron’s event design and previsualisation service comes in. Using the latest CAD technology, we can create a collaborative design experience between you, the event organiser, and Neuron, your technical production partner.

Our event design and previsualisation service puts cutting-edge equipment in your hands so you can see your event in action. Our team of experts are on hand to help you execute every aspect of your production design plans. We give you full access to our state-of-the-art previs suite complete with Vectorworks, Capture and Ease to make sure your event looks and sounds exactly the way you want.

The most iconic events are the ones that creatively push the boundaries and break new ground. When you choose our event pre-production services, you get a behind-the-scenes pass into a wealth of deeply knowledgeable production design experts. Take advantage of our cutting-edge previs suite where you can visualise the concept of your event, ensuring that all creative and technical aspects work harmoniously together.

Trusted by industry leaders

We supply and use the best AV technology on the market to deliver the best possible experience. Here’s a selection of some renowned brands we proudly work with.

Production design for every sector

Production design is the DNA of any successful event, so whatever your sector, your production design should inject a touch of theatre and innovation. From small touring productions to epic festival stages, we work with customers to produce creative production design for an immersive event experience.



Delivering 360° event production for the Science & Innovation day conference in ITM Power’s Sheffield gigafactory.


Neuron provides multiple stages of production to one of the World's greatest shows...

Our previs technology partners

A selection of the software and hardware that we utilise to design our event production solutions from the ground up.
Colorful abstract lines forming a whirlwind pattern above the word
The image is a logo representing Hewlett-Packard, commonly known as HP, which is a multinational information technology and event services company. The design consists of a blue circle with the lowercase letters 'h
The image is completely black, indicating there might be no content to display due to a technical issue in event production, or it’s an intentional artistic choice for an event service. If this is not an
Logo of SketchUp, a 3D modeling software application used in event production and services.
Creative typographic cover design for the second edition of a publication titled 'ease,' focusing on event production and services.
Unreal Engine Logo

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