Personalised and seamless Corporate AV installations to take your business to the next level

Bespoke creative designs to help your business thrive

List of installation:

  • Conference rooms
  • Huddle Room
  • Offices
  • Video Walls
  • Audio conferencing systems
  • Digital Signage

Why Neuron for Corporate AV Installations

When the time comes to upgrade or expand your organisation’s internal AV facilities, you’ll likely find there’s a time and effort-consuming task ahead of you. AV tech is always evolving, there are specifications to plough through, potential compatibility issues to consider, future-proofing, budget constraints…

With Neuron you can cut to the chase. Corporate AV installations are one of our specialist competencies, and you can be sure that with us you’ll get a clear and independent assessment of the best kit available to match your needs – now and in future. 

So whether you’re looking for video conferencing equipment, digital signage, acoustic treatment or a solution to integrate into your existing AV and IT infrastructure, we’ve got you covered. What’s more, we’ll personally walk you through how everything works – so users get up to speed ASAP.

Of course, requirements change over time, so your Neuron AV solution can be configured to accommodate expansion and upgrades in future.

Low-cost maintenance and upkeep contracts can also be part of the mix, covering our own installations, with the option to include your pre-existing equipment.  Packages can feature same day call-out, and like-for-like replacement of damaged equipment, to keep your AV equipment on-point and productive.

Other Areas of Specialist AV Support

Equipment brands we’ve worked with

We know that some people want to have faith that we’re using the best equipment, so we’re giving a preview of some of the top-of-the-range brands we supply;
Stylized black and white text spelling out the word 'dboss' with a distinctive, modern design by an AV solutions company.
The image shows the DJI logo, which is known for its association with a company that specializes in manufacturing commercial and recreational unmanned aerial vehicles for AV solutions and aerial photography and videography.
The image displays the Panavision logo, which is a trademark for an AV company known for manufacturing high-quality motion picture equipment and AV solutions.
The image shows a logo consisting of four geometric shapes in purple: a triangle facing upwards, a triangle facing downwards, a triangle facing to the right, and a fast-forward symbol. The logo also includes
The image displays the logo of Arri, an AV company renowned for manufacturing motion picture film equipment.
Sony, an AV company logo in bold black letters on a white background.


A system to handle a wide range of content from background music to live vocal performers and DJs.

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