Soho House at fivefourstudios

brand launch event in the run up to their Manchester opening

In Manchester’s vibrant landscape, excitement’s in the air as Soho House, synonymous with luxury and exclusivity, prepares for its debut in the city. But before its official opening, a stylish prelude unfolded at the esteemed fivefourstudios, a venue familiar to Neuron’s expertise. Here, against a backdrop of familiarity, Neuron deployed the production for Soho House ensuring an evening of sophistication, music, and anticipation.

Indoor event space with red lighting and a dj booth labeled "soho dj house manchester". Holographic light structures illuminate the stage, surrounded by empty high-top tables.

As the doors of fivefourstudios welcomed guests, they were greeted by the meticulous production expertise of Neuron. The venue, a blank canvas, transformed under Neuron’s guidance, with audio, lighting, and projection mapping seamlessly integrated to create an immersive atmosphere.

At the heart of the stage platform stood a custom DJ riser that we built, proudly displaying the Soho House branding. Here, renowned artists like the Sugababes and David Rodigan took the stage, delivering performances that enthralled the audience and set the tone for the night.

Neuron’s precision ensured that every detail of the event was carefully considered, from the subtle lighting accents to the captivating visuals that adorned the venue. Within the walls of fivefourstudios, guests experienced a taste of the luxury and sophistication that Soho House would soon bring to Manchester.