The Parakeet – Restaurant AV Installation

19C pub with fine dining restaurant in London

After impressing The Columbo Group owner Steve Ball with our work on their Manchester and Camden Blues Kitchen venues, we were contacted as the group took on a new site in Kentish Town Road for a restaurant AV installation. Now known as The Parakeet, the venue has become a high-end public house and fine dining restaurant.

As always, the attention to detail in the interior design meant the speakers had to do the job both sonically and visually. With the system being used mainly for background music and, at most, low-level vocal amplification for acoustic jazz sessions in their upstairs space, we suggested Sliver 7G bookshelf speakers from heritage UK hifi brand Monitor Audio.

We chose the ever-reliable Powersoft Quattrocannali range for amplification and the simple, user-friendly Atlas IED to manage inputs and zones.

After opening, the venue decided to add a projection system in their private hire room to offer sports viewing for key events alongside fine dining cuisine, a unique offering. We specified a 7K lumen unit from Epson with a Saphire Electric screen with an automatic trigger that deploys when the projector is powered on. The screen was then hidden in wood panelling to match the rest of the room. The Epson unit was the ideal choice with its built-in screen mirroring function to support easy connection for business use.