Temple Stage

Blowing minds with far less speakers...

The towering, colourful Temple stage at 2018’s Bestival was home to a large scale Danley Jericho system for the first time. Replacing the previous year’s large-format line array system with just a couple of main speakers and a pair of front fill cabinets, to provide incredible clarity and output for no less than 8000 people from day to night.

It’s fair to say all where blown away by the Danley sound system. The original misgivings during the build of ‘Is that it??!!?’ were soon dispelled when we heard it. The clarity, power and coverage was incredible, and I’ve never heard a point-source system sound as good. It was night and day above the d&b J8 line-array that we had last year….which is not a shabby system, and the sub was very smooth and controlled Andy Grey / Clockwork Production LtD